Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start the Pink Parcel Post?

I started the Pink Parcel Post because I hate to think that anyone ever feels like they are alone. Loneliness is such a big issue in our society, along with depression and suicide. If I can encourage even one person each day by sending them out a pretty card or a letter, and spark a little hope in them to know that they are loved, valued and wanted in our world, then my mission will be fulfilled!

So, what is the Pink Parcel Post all about?

It is a place to connect, to find friendship, and to have what I call “Happy Mail” sent directly to you, or someone you love, absolutely free of charge. Each parcel is sent via good old-fashioned snail mail and the United States Postal Service. (At this time, I am only corresponding with U.S. residents until I look into international mail policies.)

What type of mail do you send?

It’s nothing big really; simple cards (sometimes hand made), letters, possibly a small gift if the circumstances are right. All mail is sent in a pink envelope with the Pink Parcel Post return address, so whenever the recipient sees the pink envelope, they will know that it is not a bill, it is not junk mail, but instead it is something that will hopefully put a smile on their face. Happy Mail! 

Do you make money off this?

Nope! Not a penny. As a matter of fact, all expenses come directly out of my own pocket. This is not a commercial venture; it is simply a way to let folks know that they are not alone, that someone out there is thinking of them, and to have a little bit of community fellowship with another person – which to me is vitally important in this day and age. So many people are lonely, for whatever their personal reasons are, and it is up to us, as fellow human beings, to reach out our hands (and our hearts!) to those who may be feeling alone, abandoned, or even desolate.

How often do you send mail?

Pink Parcel Post recipients can opt to have a 1-time piece of Happy Mail sent, or they can write back if they are looking to connect, and would like to have a pen pal. The choice is totally up to them. If they choose to write back, I will answer all letters I receive personally, in the order they are received.

Who can have mail sent to them?

I will send out a card or letter to anyone who is over the age of 18 that requests one using the form found on the contact page. While I would love to correspond with the younger generation, I do not feel that it is wise to send mail to children. There are too many predators out there, and while I am not one, I would never want any parent to think that I was stepping over any boundaries with their child.

I’m ready! How do I request mail?

Easy! Just head on over to our Post Office and fill out the form! :)  Please make sure you use a valid e-mail address when signing up, otherwise your request cannot be fulfilled.

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